trans-ambient rock.

live shows

Strangest Kiss

Sembalance on all cylinders

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Bene - Synths, Harp, Vocals

Martyn - Guitars, Vocals


Sembalance, with Human Drums and Bass.


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Sold as seen(2011)

Collection of improvizations

Bene - Synths,Harmonica and finger Drums. Ed - Guitar, Banjo


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Deep Time(2007)

4 tracks (80 minutes total). Here the music has been given time to evolve.

Bene - Synths. Ed - Guitar

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Predator (2006)

A collection of Sembalance ambient rock classics.

Bene - Synths and recording

Ed - Guitar

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Presence (2004)

Sembalance enters a new phase.

Bene - Synths and recording

Ed - Guitar

Jellybone (2002)

Started life as a reworking of old numbers, but devoloped into this wobbly thing.

Bene - Synths

Migration (1999)

One Track, 44 minutes, chillin time.

Bene - Synths

Solar Shift (1998)

Live ambient jam, 4 synths and some gaffa tape.

Bene - Synths

Pops - Coffee Pot

Shifting Sands (1998)

Fast moving single, performed in Sevenoaks with the Maybank Dancers.

Bene - Synths

The Vision Pool (1997)

Ambient Journey. Includes Ist recording of Stone Kings.

Bene - Synths

  Hall of Illusions (1993)

The strangest of Waltzes.

Bene - Synths. Steve - Guitar


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Moonshuffle (1994)

1/2 calm, 1/2 not.. This one started to shape the live side of sembalance

Bene - Synths

Steve - Guitar


The Atom Factory (1992)

Raw unquantised, vision of alternative creation

Bene - Synths


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